My Educational Philosophy:

Most importantly I believe every child has the right to an education and that every child can learn. It is the job of educators to use their expertise, educational research, resources, and creativity to empower the students in their classrooms to take ownership of that education. It is my job to create a classroom that both supports and challenges each of its students to invest their time in learning because they are worth it. I plan to provide a stimulating learning environment in which students are encouraged to learn from me and their peers as I learn from them.

As John Dewey stated, “…if we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow…” Modern society is a challenging playground for today’s youth. Many students have been exposed to technology since their birth. Integrating technology into the classroom as a learning tool is unquestionably a benefit to the students and their education. I plan to incorporate technology into the daily classroom routine at any grade level. Utilizing technology will enhance the content taught in the classroom and provoke the use of various learning styles and the use of multiple intelligences.

In addition to teaching content, I expect to assist my students in developing holistically through modeling life skills like how to appropriately interact with others. As a Christian educator, I feel an ethical responsibility to teach my students to consider morality through the “Golden Rule”. Allowing an individual to contemplate their judgments and decisions on a moral basis is a great benefit to the individual and the society at large. It is so important for students to feel special and as though they’re a part of a greater good. They should also understand how they and their education fit into the bigger picture.

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